Linda Wirkner

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Linda Wirkner is the author of 14 books including a middle grade novel, Mystery of the Blue-Gowned Ghost ( Colonial Williamsburg Publishing), a nonfiction book for 6th grade and up, Destination Norfolk (Learner Publications), and hi-lo adaptations of Moby Dick, and Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar (Edcon Publishing). She’s also published more than 200 short stories and articles in magazines such as Spider, Children’s Digest, Dolphin Log, Children’s Writer, Hopscotch, Boys’ Quest and others.

Current writing projects include picture books, a chapter book series, and a middle grade historical novel set in the Cold War days of the early 1960s.

Selected Works

A six book series that takes middle grade readers from Learning About the Settlement of the Americas to Urban Growth in America.
Middle Grade Fiction
This entertaining blend of contemporary sleuthing and eighteenth-century mystery introduces young readers to Williamsburg history.
Nonfiction for 6th Grade and Up
An introduction to the historical southern port of Norfolk, Virginia

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